How Cyrus the Great Is Related to Extraterrestrial Influence and Our Modern Society

Last Modified:29 May 2023 12:41:39
How Cyrus the Great Is Related to Extraterrestrial Influence and Our Modern Society
We now turn to a historical figure from antiquity in our investigation of the cosmos, the confluence of artificial intelligence, human genetics, and the concentration of wealth: Cyrus the Great.


Cyrus the Great, a revered leader who wrote the first human rights charter some 2500 years ago, left an indelible mark on contemporary culture. But is there possibly more to this historic king than what has been written down in our history books?

It's worth speculating about the possibility of an extraterrestrial connection or an elite alliance that could have informed Cyrus the Great's enlightened rule, even though the concept might sound like a plot for a science fiction novel. This story may be used as a metaphorical lens to consider how outside influences and forces have shaped human society.

Consider the possibility that Cyrus the Great represented an external influence that had a significant impact on the development of human civilization, similar to the metaphorical alien traders in our earlier discussions. He promoted the values of justice, respect, and freedom, breaking with the despotic leadership styles of the time and influencing modern societies.


The notion that Cyrus belongs to an elite group or is even influenced by extraterrestrial beings could be interpreted as an allegory for how powerful forces shape social norms and advancements. Similar to how the concentration of wealth today can influence the development and application of technology like AI, influential individuals or groups in the past may have influenced the evolution of societal values and systems.


Human genetics has a significant impact on behavior and society. It's possible that Cyrus the Great's distinctive leadership style and progressive laws were a result of a genetic predisposition. We could think about how such genetic predispositions might shape our interactions with AI and perhaps even how we react to extraterrestrial traders in the metaverse.


In essence, this story is a symbolic investigation of the intricate forces that have shaped and are still influencing our world. A novel viewpoint on how social structures and norms are created can be gained from the speculative link between Cyrus the Great and extraterrestrial influences or an elite group.


Even though it's hypothetical, it makes us think about the many factors that have shaped our civilization and will continue to do so as we navigate our future in a more connected and digital world. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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