How Much is the Women’s Share in the World of Cryptocurrencies?

How Much is the Women’s Share in the World of Cryptocurrencies?

Despite the existence of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain system, the global economy is in the threshold of many changes. The pointless paid attention to so far is the women. Where are the women in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies? There are fables about the men who generally brighter or more knowledgeable about technology, but what is the real reason for the lower number of women in the world of cryptocurrencies? Are the women truly less economically literate than the men? The statistics show that women’s knowledge about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is generally less than that of men. However, why? Is there any influential woman in this domain? Is there any company working with the women’s orientation?

Numbers and Statistics about the Women’s Presence in the World of Cryptocurrencies

According to the statistics in the developed countries like the U.S. and Britain, women are less knowledgeable than men in the field of Blockchain and new technologies; however, from them the millennium generation who are nearly considered those who lived in the 1980s and 1990s are more aware of cryptocurrencies. The women and the girls of the millennium generation are relatively familiar with cryptocurrencies, and their views imply optimism and opportunity-making to produce income and benefit. However, the story doesn’t finish here. There are limited and unequal opportunities for men and women which cause women to have the fewer number of accounts compared to men in the banks.

Women and the Perspective of Cryptocurrencies

The pathways from where should be passed to start and continue economic activities is mazelike for the women. Hence, the weak statistics of women’s participation in the world of cryptocurrencies might not be pleasing at first; however, it gives the news of making a good opportunity for starting a route wherein the women are able to gain access to an easier method rather than getting entangled in cumbrous economic systems. The fact is that different economic activities such as investment, different transactions and generally the presence in the world of economy and investment have been concomitant with barriers set by opposite gender rivals and the dominant ecosystem on the system. Now, by the decentralized systems in which they can do various financial transactions and make international communications, other primary problems of the women’s presence in the economic atmosphere will fade away.

Last Remarks

Despite all limitations, the patriarchal market has imposed on women; there are powerful women in different companies attempting to make their presence more prominent. It seems that one of the advantages Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can add to our world, is to create equal opportunities among all people from different genders and nationalities to take part in the global and international activities and communications. This advantage cannot be underestimated at all. In addition to women, developing countries are strongly sticking in limitations imposed by inefficient banking and payment systems. As another minority like women, these countries are not able to use cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in order to overcome limitations and compete with others in an equal condition.