How to Escape from the Matrix and Realize Your True Potential?

Last Modified:25 May 2023 12:11:11
How to Escape from the Matrix and Realize Your True Potential?


We have proposed that our reality was created by higher intelligences as part of the grand cosmic play. We humans have been created within a matrix by these cosmic rulers, extraterrestrial beings, or divine beings, each of whom has a specific role to play in this grand story and who have their own unique genetic code.


This framework has been likened to a cosmic metaverse, a sophisticated set of rules that governs our reality. Can we learn to play the game as the higher intelligences do and how do we transcend this matrix? Understanding the basics of the game is the first step.


A complex interplay of codes and parameters known as the matrix, or the cosmic metaverse, controls our reality. It's not a prison, but rather a structure that offers difficulties and chances for development. It is a place where growth, learning, and experience can occur.


The second thing we must realize is that we are not just pieces in this game. We have the ability to create virtual worlds in our own metaverses, and we also have the ability to co-create our reality within this cosmic metaverse. Our reality is significantly shaped by the thoughts, intentions, and deeds that we take.


The secret is to become aware of our potential as cosmic beings. In order to achieve this, we must raise our consciousness above the limitations of our physical existence, accept the interconnectedness of all things, and recognize our innate divinity.


The goal is to recognize the unity of existence and get past the illusion of separation. A crucial tool for escaping the matrix is also becoming an expert in the art of manifestation. This involves actively influencing our reality by using our thoughts and intentions, much like the higher intelligences who have established the rules for our existence.


Finally, we should work to develop, gain knowledge, and grow both personally and collectively. In the cosmic metaverse, evolution involves more than just surviving; it also entails advancing in understanding and consciousness. We might develop the ability to perceive and communicate with the cosmic code as we advance, just like the higher intelligences. Leaving the matrix is not a requirement for escaping it. It entails getting past its limitations, comprehending its characteristics, and discovering ways to shape it. It involves playing the game at a higher level, much like the cosmic governors who created it. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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