Hublot Accepts Shiba & Other Cryptos

Last Modified:22 Jun 2022 11:37:50
Hublot Accepts Shiba & Other Cryptos


  • The world famous exchange Huobi has received licenses in New Zealand and the UAE. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Canadian Mining firm Bitfarms has sold roughly 62 million dollars’ worth of its mined Bitcoin in June. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Noma, a Japanese film studio, has announced that it is producing three films based on the world of crypto. “Coin Telegraph”


  • An announcement came out of Uniswap pointing to plans to support NFT trading soon. “Coin Desk”


  • El Salvador has lost 56 million dollars in digital currencies since this country approved Bitcoin as legal tender. “Bloomberg”


  • Swiss luxury maker Hublot now accepts Shiba and other crypto in US stores. “U Today”


  • Cardano has announced the launch of Vasil hard fork to be late July. “U Today”


  • There’s no news on when Celsius withdrawals will open once more. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Ukraine has received a number of high-value NFT donations since the beginning of the conflict with Russia in February. “Coin Telegraph”


  • A recent Metaverse study found that today’s VR tech may be unable to successfully support remote work applications. “Bitcoin News”