About Counos Platform

Counos Platform, estaglished in 2018, is based in Switzerland and offers many services in the domain of the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies.

The main aim of this company is to establish an economic community based upon the Blockchain technology so that its members cloud further their aims with the help of this technology and through this community like the citizens of a country.

An open-source and decentralized global network, Counos suggests various financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platform.

Via combining both proof-of-work and Timestamp server technologies, it will offer the users the ultimate security in online payment.

In addition to the cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, this Blockchain platform also offers variety of other services, including:

Additionally, Counos Platform is going to create different tools and utilities in order to create a safer and larger economic system. Tools and utilities such as election system, certificate issuance system, and many other. These features will create even more value and wealth.

Also, all these features are carried out using the coins offered by Counos which will make them so much more valuable.