Telegram Blockchain Network

Telegram Blockchain Network

Is Telegram Blockchain Network Unveiled Eventually?

It is a long time passed from the publication of telegram news to launch a Blockchain-based network. It seems that the awaits will finish and this network will be unveiled soon. It is interesting to know that tokens of this network have long been sold in secondary markets. The news of this unveiling has been published recently and from last year up to the present, about $1.7 billion of telegram tokens has been offered. But those who want to buy token from primary investors of these tokens are strongly advised to be cautious. Telegram prevents investors from selling their tokens implicationally and indirectly threatened them by stopping smart contract with tokens’ sellers.

Formation of Secondary Markets around Telegram Token

Secondary markets are gradually and secretly being formed to buy and sell tokens. With people who sell telegram tokens, the exchanges and other different methods, gaining access to these tokens known as grams is not difficult at all. It is worth mentioning that as it was stated before, the people who have bought their telegram tokens since February and March 2018 are not allowed to sell them until its official unveiling. So, new buyers who are looking for buying tokens from the secondary markets should know that buying tokens from other investors who formerly addressed buying tokens can cause them to face loss, since telegram can annul the contract with the primary investors and cut the hands of new investors from the tokens which they have bought from secondary market as a result.

The Possibility of Fraud in Secondary Markets

The formation of secondary markets around selling grams causes paving the way for numerous chances for fraud. It seems that most of telegram tokens sellers are not among investors who have bought them last year in the first official token offering, they are mostly defrauders who intend to make benefit from running scams in this way. In this case, a high number of buyers who provide their tokens from secondary markets will be deprived after formal unveiling of grams. There are much suspicions about the time of offering telegram tokens. But there is good news in this regard for telegram. Many well-known companies which had addressed buying telegram tokens are to start buying these tokens again after they are reoffered. This very issue which avoids formation of the secondary market while the above-mentioned companies present will help telegram in succeeding in this field.

Telegram steadily announces that all part of this project has finished and just 10 percent of the project remains up to tokens offering and unveiling Blockchain network. Considering the fact that the announcement and unveiling has frequently been postponed, it looks that in case telegram has finished 90 percent of the project, the remaining 10 percent will be very difficult to accomplish and because of that the possibility of completing and offering it has not been provided yet.