It Seems Next Prime Minister of UK Will Be Crypto Friendly

Last Modified:30 Jul 2022 10:14:20
It Seems Next Prime Minister of UK Will Be Crypto Friendly


  • The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin believes that power-hungry people are not suitable to lead and that if governance tokens were transferable, it would enable those running after power. “Coin Telegraph”


  • According to a Singaporean government minister, legal marriage proceedings, court case disputes, and government services may one day be offered on the Metaverse. “Coin Telegraph”


  • According to senator Pat Tomey, famous for his support for cryptocurrencies, the United States SEC could have prevented the loss of 12 billion dollars in assets invested in Celsius. “Coin Telegraph”


  • ADA surges 7 percent amid expectations for the Cardano hard fork known as Vasil hard fork. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Ethereum Classic has entered the top 20 digital currencies again. “U Today”


  • Crypto donations continue to flow to Ukraine, but others have decided to send digital assets to Russia. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Ripple has attributed the growth in sales to the increasing adoption of its ODL product. “U Today”


  • Shiba holders can now get free shipping on “U Today”


  • It seems UK’s next conservative party leader will be pro-crypto. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Meta, the first company that announced a pivot from its social media business to the Metaverse, is looking for a way to make profits. “Bitcoin News”



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