About Counos

Counos Platform is one of the world’s most extensive and secure platforms of the financial Blockchain. Through offering a wide variety of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and online financial services, Counos will provide safer global financial trades and investment in digital market.

The main reason of innovating and developing cryptocurrencies in the world was to facilitate global financial trades; however, the less the value stability of all main cryptocurrencies in the global market was, the less the possibility of stable and secure financial trades became.

Counos platform has provisioned the possibility of global financial transfers with the maximum financial value stability via offering cryptocurrencies and stablecoins with a fixed price.

Moreover, Counos platform has introduced two cryptocurrencies based on gold and precious silver metals which has made cryptocurrencies a new stage for the investment and major financial exchanges for minor companies and buyers.

Digital currencies

Counos Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin Source code, Blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer network. It has a growing price due to having the most important features of Bitcoin and Litecoin and offers a completely decentralized structure for the users.

Counos Cash is a stablecoin with the value equal to the stable value of 20 Swiss Franc per unit. It is a premined cryptocurrency, 21 million units of this cryptocurrency have been premined and will be available for public offering.

Counos E is a stablecoin with the value equal to 100 Euros like Counos Cash.

Counos U is another stablecoin with the value equal to 100 USD per unit.

Counos CAD is a stablecoin with the value equal to 100 CAD per unit.

Counos Gold is a highly innovative cryptocurrency, and each unit of this cryptocurrency is equal to one gram of Swiss standard gold by which you can transfer gold anywhere in the world, without physically moving it.

Counos Silver uses the support of precious metal, and each unit of this cryptocurrency is equal to one kilogram of silver which smartly undertakes to guarantee the users’ assets and investment.

All Counos stablecoins are premined and 21 million units of which will be available for the public offering. The required time to confirm a transaction and make a block in all Counos stablecoins is 2.5 minutes.


Counos offers some of the most important financial services in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology besides digital currencies.

Counos Exchange service lets the users directly convert different cryptocurrencies into one another or to fiat currencies, vice versa in a direct and peer-to-peer manner.

Counos Escrow service has made way to securely buy and sell goods and service through cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and with the presence of a third party as an overseer.

Furthermore, through making a very massive community, Counos lets the users directly engage in financial transactions, and buy and sell goods and services besides deliberation.

In addition, through offering a highly secure and encrypted wallet for all mobile phone and home PC operating systems, Counos lets the users gain access to their digital assets in the safest way possible and use all facilities of the platform without any limitation.