Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 09, 2022

Last Modified:9 May 2022 12:10:29
Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 09, 2022



  • Most of the financial pyramid schemes that have been identified in Russia this year are connected to cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin News”


  • The giant tech company Google has stated that Web 3 is a market that is already demonstrating tremendous potential. “Bitcoin News”


  • FIFA world cup has another big news. Argentina becomes the first sponsorship Binance signs with a national football team. “BSC News”


  • The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Nvidia for failing to disclose that crypto mining significantly boosted its revenue. “Bitcoin News”


  • An individual wallet has taken out 285 million dollars from Curve and Binance. “U Today”


  • Social media are having a lot of problems with double-your-crypto scams. “U Today”


  • Why a New York bill barring new crypto mines would be bad for business. “Coin Desk”


  • Utah governor approved of Blockchain and digital innovation task force “Coin Telegraph”


  • New Portuguese regulation permits the sale of real estate with crypto. “Bitcoin News”


  • The Discord to OpenSea was hacked with fake announcements from hackers. “Coin Telegraph”