Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 11, 2022

Last Modified:11 May 2022 19:30:51
Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 11, 2022



  • National Aeronautics and Space Agency of United States wants to develop a Martian Metaverse in order to improve training. “Bitcoin News”


  • Tanzania is moving closer to introducing a central bank digital currency to help counter the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. “Bloomberg Crypto”


  • following the speech by prince Charles about cryptocurrencies, the United Kingdom parliament will introduce two bills relating to these currencies. “Coin Telegraph”


  • In the past 24 hours, LUNA has experienced a 50 percent decline. “U Today”


  • Bitstamp is getting a brand new chief executive officer as its current one steps down to pursue other opportunities. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Secretary Yellen has mentioned Terra’s disastrous crash over her speech at congress. “U Today


  • Justin Sun announced a purchase of 600 million TRX amid market turmoil. “U Today”


  • The CEO of Binance has stated that recent market volatilities have not been impactful for the exchanges. “U Today”


  • Binance temporarily halts withdrawals of LUNA and UST. “U Today”


  • The president of El Salvador has announced that this country has purchased 500 Bitcoin at 30,744 dollars. “Bitcoin News”