Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 13, 2022

Last Modified:13 May 2022 14:13:38
Latest News of Crypto in One Minute May 13, 2022



  • A Ponzi scheme con artist named Jeremy Spence was sentenced to 42 months in prison for operating a series of crypto get rich quick schemes. “Coin Telegraph”


  • The Blockchain of Terra LUNA has seemingly restarted, according to a block explorer. “Coin Desk”


  • Coinbase has confirmed that some of its customers are experiencing difficulties with accessing their accounts. “U Today”


  • In the middle of all the market turmoil, Ethereum whales are still keeping busy transferring huge amounts of Ether. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Chile will delay the release of their central bank digital currency to the end of the year for further analysis and review. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Newly elected government of South Korea is planning to roll out comprehensive crypto regulations by 2023. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Tether price drops below 0.97 dollars as it experiences issues with US dollar pegging. “U Today”


  • Terra LUNA price further dips under 0.01 dollars, 15 billion new LUNA created. “U Today”


  • BitMEX and Binance have perpetually banned futures trading for LUNA. “U Today”


  • Russian news site Meduza turns to crypto donations amid Kremlin’s crackdown on independent media. “Bitcoin news”