Lightning Users and Gamers Can Earn Bitcoin by Playing on This Network

Last Modified:12 May 2020 16:04:19
Lightning Users and Gamers Can Earn Bitcoin by Playing on This Network

According to news published on February 13, Satoshi games platform was created on the Lightning network. It was also announced that from this date on, users and gamers could participate in these games and receive Satoshi by solving challenges.

Developers of this program tweeted on their Twitter account announcing the launch of this game with 900 users. According to published images from this game, it seems that it has a considerable growth capability.

The environment of this program is much like the environment of old games. Also, its pixel graphic and 8-bit environment attract gamers to the game very much.

One member of the Satoshi games developers’ team, Carlos Roldan, said in an announcement that they are attempting to attract the most varied and the most number of gamers to their platform. Based on his opinion, operation processing speed and the ability to perform small transactions are among the unique features of the Lightning network. This feature persuades users and gamers to use this network. Carlos further said in this regard:

“first and foremost, we want to provide good times for the gamers. Gaming is not just a fun activity, and it can also have an educational side. Our aim is to create a better user experience with more quality using the Lightning network in a new generation of games. If we are able to develop games that are attractive to the youth with the Lightning network, the acceptance of the Lightning network will speed up.”

The Lightning network releases the hidden power inside Bitcoin.

Satoshi games team said in the first phase of creating their platform that they are going to hold competitions with more than 200,000 rewards, and given the fact a huge number of users use this network, all the tokens can only go to one person.

In order to play in the Premium section, people need to have an account. One of the ways of creating an account is through a Chrome toolbar named Joule, which creates a medium to make payments with Bitcoin via the Lightning nodes.

People who already have an account can easily enter their account and enjoy the game in the Premium section, but people who do not have an account already can create an account by paying 1000 Satoshis. The design of the Satoshi network is in a way that cyber-attacks and manipulation of personal data are not possible.

Even though the Satoshi games platform have not offered any explanation as to what their aims are, this platform can help improve and develop the ecosystem of Cryptocurrencies. Establishing a connection between the video games industry and Blockchain technology is not an unusual thing, and most developers have taken similar decisions in order to employ their projects.

Also, many other decentralized games and programs may use other Blockchains such as Ethereum, Arom, and EOS; however, anytime developers use the Lightning network, people who are interested in this cryptocurrency will be assured that this cryptocurrency will be on top of the list. Though, participating in other games could earn you Bitcoins. Some of these games are as follows:

- Bitcoin Flapper: the application of this game is only available on App Store, and Android users do not have access to it. However, there’s another game on the Google Play that is very popular. This game is called” Blockchain Game,” and in order to play it, you need to create an account using an email address and then submit your Bitcoin address and start playing.

- Pop Bubbles: in order to win in the Pop Bubbles game, which is about popping bubbles, you need to earn some similar starts. After that, in order to earn more stars, you will need to pay for them. The aim of this game’s developers was completely commercial, and the more users come to this game, the more income will help the company gain.

- Roll and Ball: the way to play this game is very simple, and in order to do it the users need to choose the intensity of the hit with their smartphones and try to target the coins shown on the table and earn more coins for themselves.