Louis Vuitton Enters the World of Blockchain

Louis Vuitton Enters the World of Blockchain

If you are interested in fashion, you are surely familiar with the well-known and expensive Louis Vuitton brand. If you are not, you have at least heard its names. This famous brand has decided to take measure in proving the authenticity of its goods through applying Blockchain. Louis Vuitton has got the help of a large group of experts and specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain infrastructures to make this project practical.

What Does Louis Vuitton Want from Blockchain?

Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands like Dior are to prove the authenticity of their goods through Blockchain and show the users the manufacture process from the time of supplying raw material to reaching sale point and delivering the customers. In fact, through offering the route of a product in the supply chain to get to the consumer, its authenticity and quality will be proved. One of the other applications supposed to be provided by Blockchain and decentralized infrastructures for Louis Vuitton is the possibility of offering personalized and safe ads to the customers. Using this infrastructure, fake ads and hackers cannot abuse famous brands or annoy them as spam.

Are Louis Vuitton’s Measures valuable?

Using Blockchain is a valuable and suitable move by the luxurious Louis Vuitton’s brand to prove the identity and authenticity of its goods and products. Since in addition to the fact that it covers well the issue of accuracy and authenticity of the good for the customers, it helps growing the use of Blockchain infrastructure and new technologies too and causes them to be well understood by the public. For example, this piece of news about Louis Vuitton’s use of Blockchain in recent days has been seen from a large number of audience. As a result, it has made a large volume of audience aware of Blockchain applications. Louis Vuitton is known all around the world, and the news published about it is broadcasted quickly and comfortably in the world. It is a big achievement for Blockchain.

Will Blockchain Get More Applied?

“Blockchain gets more applied” might be incorrect. A more accurate and correct sentence is that “with using this technology in different and various fields, its different applications and capacities will become clearer. In fact, whenever there is a speech about communications, Blockchain can appear as a wide, exact, and transparent infrastructure and offer unique services between the parties of the relationship. Blockchain function in different fields will be more obvious and enter more different industries and businesses in time. It is obvious that when there is the capacity to simplify various measures, operations, and various projects through new technology and tool; limitations and considerations cannot avoid their growth and development. Although, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are a little unknown and different governments look at them skeptically, entering companies and brands like Louis Vuitton, will alter these and skeptical approaches.