Meta Announced End of Its Crypto Project

Last Modified:4 Jul 2022 13:54:13
Meta Announced End of Its Crypto Project


  • Who doesn’t love low gas prices? Ethereum transaction fees are at the lowest point since 2020, currently standing at about $1.67 per transfer. “Bitcoin News”


  • The proposed EU crypto bill known as MiCA legislation will introduce European Union licensing for crypto platforms and boost consumer protection. “Bitcoin News”


  • According to reports, due to sharp drop in revenue, Huobi exchange may lay off 30% of its firm’s staff. “Bitcoin News”


  • One of the largest banks of Kuwait, Warba Bank will have a presence in the Metaverse to bolster its communication with the young generation. “Bitcoin News”


  • Even though the country of El Salvador has had a 57% loss and faces substantial debt perils, the president of El Salvador is adamant and has bought Bitcoin dip one more time. “Bloomberg”


  • Crema Finance platform has lost a total of 8.7 million dollars from the DeFi exploit to hackers. “Bitcoin News”


  • Uber Eats to accept payments in Shiba and Dogecoin. “U Today”


  • Meta has announced the end of its crypto project in order to focus more on its Metaverse project. “Bitcoin News”


  • The hard fork of Cardano known as Vasil might go live on the testnet this weekend. “U Today”


  • Coinbase has stated that it does not sell its users’ information to the US government. “Bitcoin News”



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