Moscow’s Blockchain Innovation Cluster Needs a Mechanism to Evaluate Intellectual Property

Last Modified:12 May 2020 14:37:45
Moscow’s Blockchain Innovation Cluster Needs a Mechanism to Evaluate Intellectual Property

According to news published by the Russian news agency TASS on February 15, 2019, Aleksandr Borodich, founder of the Blockchain platform, has recently said that the innovation cluster in Moscow needs a mechanism with which to control its intellectual property.

Intellectual property is a comprehensive categorized description for a number of intangible properties. Intellectual property includes invention patent, copyright, trademark, or ideas. Many intellectual properties cannot be listed in the balance sheet as assets, but the value of such properties are published in the stock price.

Companies work very hard toward identifying and protecting intellectual property because it is of high value in today’s growing scientific enterprises. Extracting value from intellectual property and avoiding exploitation by others is considered to be an important responsibility for any company.

According to the statement published by the authorities of the Moscow municipality in early February, some plans have been used in order to launch a Blockchain-based urban innovation cluster in the summer of 2019.

According to some predictions, it is believed that the Universa platform has gathered different commercial and technological institutions in order to develop the Blockchain innovation cluster and enable the participants to find their potential partners and learn about their products and equipment.

Mr. Borodich announced that the assumed mechanism for the evaluation of intellectual property facilitates the needed fund for inventions. Also, according to published reports, in the investment summit held in the city of Sochi in Russia, he said that:

“if we develop the management of expertise in the framework of this cluster, which allows for more evaluation of the intellectual property, we the investors can enthusiastically provide some of the needed funds for inventions.”

Recently, the two companies Rostec and Vostoc have begun collaborating. Rostec is a subsidiary company of the government of Russia with advanced technology and a National Center for Information (NCI).

By collaborating, these partners are trying to develop their ability in executing advanced technologies in the urban, regional, and federal scale.

The Russian transportation Infotech Baltika’s company Logistic has recently announced that it has created a Blockchain-based system for the Edge-ports in which they work, and they will develop it for better function of ports. The mentioned company will allow participants to save all needed documents on a Blockchain.

According to reports, all the services at ports such as docking the ships and hiring boats can be done via the internet without wasting time.

Today, the federal system of Russia is using Blockchain to supervise the field of education in the graduation system of the company Rosobrnadzor.

Also, Russia uses Blockchain technology in the university entrance exams in order to evaluate the quality of education. The federal director published this news. He said:

“we also talked about using the Blockchain technology in USE and this technology, and other new printing and scanning technologies will be used in USE.”

On January 30, the ministry of education and science of Russia offered an initiative based on Blockchain to trace natural diamond.

Russia is currently preparing rules to regulate Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in this country