Nestle Will Use Blockchain

Last Modified:7 Dec 2019 13:35:23
Nestle Will Use Blockchain


Blockchain is developing and changing industries. The only application of this platform and technology is not in the field of cryptocurrencies and financial transfers; it also can be used in many various fields. For example, implementing Blockchain in the field of observing the supply chain of different products is one of the amazing applications that is considered for Blockchain. New reports indicate that the company Nestle, which is one of the largest food companies in the world, will use Blockchain to control better and observe its supply chain.

The Supply Chain of Nestle Becomes More Modern

The reputable company of Nestle intends to use Blockchain in its supply chain in an experimental scheme. If in this period of six months., the Blockchain system works properly, it will become possible to use it permanently. Nestle believes that having the info of different parts of the supply chain and observing them properly are among the biggest worries that any production or services the company has in mind. Therefore, we should look for solutions that make the management of this process more efficient than before. This is why Nestle has turned into using the new technology of Blockchain and has met it with enthusiasm.

What Are the Advantages of Using Blockchain in the Supply Chain?

By implementing Blockchain in the supply chain, it would be possible to observe each step of the product movement in it. This means accessing to first-hand and transparent information in any step of the business. This process not only helps that better management of a product with respect to finances, but it will also prevent the occurrence of any fraud and violation, and it also guarantees the good condition of the product and increase the possibility of its quality control. Nestle believes that with the help of Blockchain, this company can increase the quality of its products and gain more income and of course, increase the transparency of its productions for customers.

How Will Nestle Use Blockchain?

The plan of the large company Nestle to use Blockchain is much more extensive and according to plans, the supply chain of this company that covers different countries and continents to get under the observation of a Blockchain type and the products of this company be carefully investigated from the U.S. to Asia and different countries. With the help of Blockchain, customers will get more transparent and precise information of products that they are to use in their food basket. Such a capability, which means the precise and transparent offering of information to customers, can lead to their ever more satisfaction. In other words, the use of Blockchain is just like a game in which all players will benefit enough. With the existence of a powerful system of observation, not only can companies release their products to the market in a more efficient way and with more quality, but also customers find out about the quality and the process of different products very well. Blockchain can be used in different areas, and its combination with other technologies such as AI in the supply chain will undoubtedly have very positive and good results.