niTROn Summit and New Hopes for Blockchain Technology

Last Modified:12 May 2020 14:40:24
niTROn Summit and New Hopes for Blockchain Technology

Despite the drop in cryptocurrencies prices and discouragement of many investors and activists in the field Blockchain technologies, the news about niTROn summit in 2019 has sparked a lot of prospects.

It was announced in November 2018 that niTROn summit will be held on January 17 and 18, 2018 in San Francisco, U.S. In addition, the news of making an appearance by some celebrities like Kobe Bryant, famous basketball player, turned into a hot topic. Furthermore, other celebrities might participate, and disclosing their names will be postponed to time of the summit.

Holding such a summit in San Francisco and inviting celebrities have caused the organizers incurring a lot of advertisement costs, and it seems that this summit will be held in 2019 with clear aims.

What Are the Aims of niTROn Summit?

Many of summit aims have been clearly and thoroughly explained in the official niTROn website. Its most important aim is familiarizing experts in different disciplines with Blockchain technology. It believes that Blockchain is one of the most important electronic business revolutions in the world, and holding expertise summits with the attendance of famous specialists in the world can illustrate its future more clearly. In this summit, in addition to specialists’ analyses, many cryptocurrency and Blockchain founders will hold talks about their experience of using this technology. On the other hand, niTROn pays a lot of attention to the development of the notion of “decentralized” and “open source” structures in Blockchain technology. Besides providing flexibility, these structures enable any big financial project to be completed, like what takes place for a big building after laying the foundation to be finished by other people and institutions.

On the other hand, niTROn organizers believe that Blockchain technology can solve the problems facing businesses and large global institutions. Hence, the second day of this summit is specifically designated to investigate technical matters in the field of Blockchain and the manner of using it at companies, organizations, and different financial institutions.

In niTROn summit, two Blockchain technology giants will attend too. The first is Contentos, one of the main supporters of holding this summit. It works in sharing and distributing digital content (e.g. music and audio files, video files, and text files) using Blockchain technology. Contentos group intends to become the largest system of digital content in the world in near future.

The second giant that will take part in niTROn summit is Binance. This exchange, which is one of cryptocurrency pioneers and largest exchanges, is the most active financial organization exchanging different types of cryptocurrencies for each other and for sovereign currencies.

It seems that the attendance of two giants in the financial field of Blockchain and backing of Tron cryptocurrency can be a piece of good news in the current climate of cryptocurrencies.