price volatilities of Bitcoin

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 12:14:43
price volatilities of Bitcoin

The price volatilities of Bitcoin has confused many fans of this coin

It seems that the season of altcoins is on its way. In this midst, we can refer to some altcoins that have gained a lot of fans through the increase in their price. But on the other hand, the news that has been published in recent days about the remarks of the French economy minister with respect to Facebook’s cryptocurrency have also been influential. After hearing this news, we realized that Telegram has delayed the release of its cryptocurrency for six months. Yet, Telegram has announced that there is no need to worry, and this should be taken as a positive thing because now it can work for six more months on its systems.

In this midst, Counos has also been able to benefit; by eliminating the attack that occurred in October, Counos was able to show the capabilities of its experts once again and also the power and potential for its growth to the fans in this field and also to big investors. Even though this attack is indicative of the weakness of some exchanges, but Counos will strongly continue anyway.

The analysis of graphs and also the futuristic approach of experts are different from each other, and this shows that the created wave continues onward. We will try to express the reason for this wave and also turmoil clearly.

But in this market that is in turmoil, Counos continues its way and will move toward its competitors quickly so that it can pass them and get to its main target.