Ripple Blockchain University Research Initiative to Be Developed by U.S., China, Singapore and Brazil

Ripple Blockchain University Research Initiative to Be Developed by U.S., China, Singapore and Brazil

A statement published by Ripple in February 2019, announced its cooperation with the universities in the U.S., China, Singapore and Brazil with the aim to develop University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).

According to the news published in June 2018, Ripple company launched UBRI to support academic studies, technical development, and innovation in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital payments.

This initiative has attracted 11 partners from Cornel University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Duke University in the United States, the national university of Singapore, São Paulo University in Brazil and Fintech research institute at the University of Tsinghua in China.

Fintech, Financial technology, is an industry in the field of economy wherein some companies attempt to make financial services more efficient and useful by using this technology. These companies are generally startups which try to prove themselves in financial systems and challenge traditional companies.

According to the studies, it was found that Ripple company has shared a set of scientific majors and scholarships. To succeed in having a steady development in UBRI, it has researched in this field and published some details and news too.

To reach this goal, it has cooperated with the University of California, Berkeley, and hosted some lectures about Fintech and Blockchain industry in Haas school of Trade.

California University is located in Berkley to the east of Francisco Bay and in the city of Berkley. This university was established in 1868. According to the U.S news ranking, this university is the fourth largest university in the world. Its chancellor is Nicholas Dirks. Berkley University has taken steps in expanding overseas courses and investing on research projects in this field and financial support from Blockchain Hackathon.

Hackathon is an event in which the hackers get together to work on software development projects collectively. Hackathon is a place to show personal capabilities and creativities through technology. Some interesting samples in Hackathon, are GroupMe, a group massaging application, Light Facebook button and Facebook chat.

Based on the studies carried out, Ripple partners host workshops in Duke and Georgetown besides cooperation with this company in developing Blockchain research initiative, their purpose is researching and reaching expertise in the subjects such as Blockchain technology, encryption industry, and regulations.

According to the published news, São Paolo University which is the largest university in case of science in Brazil has funded for creating a Blockchain interdisciplinary program for the students of engineering, law, mathematics, economy and business management.

According to the published reports, many universities around the world have been equipped with research center labs, degree-granting programs, and Blockchain internal certificates. Some of them include MIT university in the U.S. and IT university in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of the educational innovations by the investment on encryption is to establish Stanford Blockchain research center.

This center which has been established to do studies in the field of Blockchain is supervised by Ban Bonet and David Mazieres, Professors and experts in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The objective of this research center is to bring together Stanford University scientists and the greatest leaders of this industry to find the best possible ways to develop Blockchain. Professor at the school of engineering at the University of Stanford said in this regard that “Blockchain has turned into an inseparable part of global trade with an exuberant speed.” Stanford should try to play a role in the process of development, improvement, and implementation of this technology.

This research center website has revealed a list of sponsors including Ethereum institute, Protocol lab, and Polychain Capital.

Moreover, CollinStar common research lab is at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Monash University in Australia is among the approaches of investment in cryptocurrency.