Robinhood Fined $30 Million By State of New York

Last Modified:4 Aug 2022 16:35:58
Robinhood Fined $30 Million By State of New York


  • Celsius is facing legal action from a group of 400 customers that own 180 million dollars in locked assets. “Crypto Slate”


  • The CEOs of Binance, KuCoin, and OKX have advised Solana investors to move their holdings over to their exchange for security. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Tether minting another billion USDT can boost crypto market. “U Today”


  • The state of NY has served Robinhood with a 30 million dollars fine. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Gucci stores across the US will now accept ApeCoin as official payment. “Coin Telegraph”


  • A security vulnerability affecting certain Solana wallets has reportedly seen at least 6 million dollars’ worth of assets stolen. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Doge and DOT have been listed by Japanese crypto exchange Bitbank. “U Today”


  • The cryptocurrency bill is set to be addressed by the parliament of Brazil this week. “Bitcoin News”


  • Bitstamp has announced the delisting of 14 trading pairs. “U Today”


  • Solana wallets have become the target of a multi-million-dollar attack. “U Today”



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