Rumors About Binance Being Controlled by Chinese Government

Last Modified:3 Sep 2022 14:55:25
Rumors About Binance Being Controlled by Chinese Government


  • Mario Abdo Benítez, the president of Paraguay has exerted an executive veto on the recently approved crypto bill. “Bitcoin News”


  • The chief executive officer of Binance has lashed out at critics and conspiracy theorists for spreading false narratives, reaffirming that the crypto exchange is not Chinese-controlled. “Coin Telegraph”


  • The new partnership brings XRPL to those Japanese businesses that are in the process of exploring Web3. “U Today”


  • Blockchain data shows some long-dormant 10,000 BTC moving despite prices. “Coin Desk”


  • The German Blockchain Association stated that NFTs are yet to be covered in the upcoming regulations. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Crypto lender Celsius network expects 70 million dollars from loan payments that will extend its runway cost beyond November. “Crypto Slate”


  • The Digital Dollar Project revealed that the sandbox program is set to start in October. “Bitcoin News”


  • Despite the problematic history of September, LINK, CHZ, and ATOM will go through a variety of updates. “U Today”


  • The Ethereum co-founder believes that crypto volatility will decline in the future. “U Today”



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