South Africa Has 4 Million Crypto Owners

Last Modified:27 Aug 2022 12:22:40
South Africa Has 4 Million Crypto Owners


  • According to data released from the World Economic Forum, one of the reasons people push back against traditional financial institutions is that banks and financial institutions, demand more and more sensitive and personal info. “Bitcoin News”


  • 14 million dollars in crypto turned down by a Doge co-creator offered to him to promote Dogechain. “U Today”


  • Celsius: the firm’s bankruptcy filing has revealed several complexities in its operations. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Singapore is intensifying its scrutiny of crypto-related firms in the city-state ahead of planned regulatory changes, according to a source. “Bloomberg Crypto”


  • Despite the lower prices, Bitcoin’s hash rate has jumped significantly in recent times and block intervals have sped up a great deal. “Bitcoin News”


  • In gender terms, the report found out of South Africa’s 4 million crypto owners, men account for 65 percent. “Bitcoin News”


  • Vitalik Buterin has tweeted about censorship resistance. “U Today”


  • According to data, about 17 percent of all the nodes in the Ethereum network are hosted by this company. “U Today”



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