Stealing Cryptocurrency ATM from a Bakery!

Last Modified:12 May 2020 11:59:41
Stealing Cryptocurrency ATM from a Bakery!

According to a report by CNN, this time cryptocurrency thieves stole a cryptocurrency ATM from a Bakery in California. During this theft, which took place in the Belwood bakery located in Brentwood county in Los Angeles. Thieves unhinged the ATM from the wall of this bakery with a hammer. CCTV footage shows the attacker, who had covered his face completely, breaking the glass door of the bakery with a hammer, entered the shop. Then he went straight up to the ATM and hits it a couple of times with the hammer, and finally unhinged it from the wall.

The thief’s attempts to break open the ATM with the hammer were fruitless, and he eventually put the ATM on his shoulders and exited the shop.

Third Consecutive Theft from Belwood Bakery in Recent Weeks

The owner of this shop has told CBS reporter that it was the third theft happened in the recent weeks.

On a video aired by CBS from the night of December 21, two thieves tried to enter the bakery with the same method. Another group had also stolen from the bakery on December 18, but in both cases, the thieves left empty-handed.

Currently, it is not clear whether these thefts are related, or the thieves accrued any money.

Frequent Thefts Threaten the Life of Small Businesses

Belwood bakery started out back in 1994, and it has since been well-known for its delicious sweets and friendly service. Derek Tran, a family member of the bakery owner, said to CBS that he did not know whether any money was in the ATM or not. He says that the experience of consecutive thefts endangers their occupation survival.

We best hope that thieves were smart enough to know that Bitcoins are not the kind of coins that have a physical presence. Maybe they were mentally deranged!

After all, what did the thieves expect to do with a cryptocurrency ATM? Did they want to sell it to someone who collects cryptocurrency ATMs or sell it off as a hotdog vendor?