Tether Is Releasing Pound-pegged Stablecoin

Last Modified:28 Jun 2022 13:24:08
Tether Is Releasing Pound-pegged Stablecoin


  • One of the largest Chinese software companies, Tencent, has taken another step toward getting into the Metaverse. “Bitcoin News”


  • Tether has announced the release of a crypto token tied to the value of the British pound. “Bloomberg”


  • Seasonal mining ban in Iran provokes backlash from the local crypto community. “Bitcoin News”


  • According to reports, Ripple co-founder now has less than 114 million XRP left in his wallet. “U Today”


  • The CEO and founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg hopes to get billions of people to use the Metaverse, generating hundreds of billions of dollars for Meta platforms. “Bitcoin News”


  • European Union’s position on crypto is about to become much tougher. “U Today”


  • Hackers steal another 100 million dollars in crypto from a Blockchain transfer protocol. “Forbes”


  • Snoops Dogg and Eminem appear as Bored Apes characters in their new music video. “U Today”


  • Three indicators suggest that Bitcoin price might have reached its floor. “U Today”


  • Meta announced the launch of a new digital wallet. “Bitcoin News”