The American Senator Was Jailed Due to Fraud in Cryptocurrency

Last Modified:25 Oct 2020 00:44:17
The American Senator Was Jailed Due to Fraud in Cryptocurrency

The Guardian reported on December 27th, that one of the senators in Georgia state was jailed for lying about the robbery in cryptocurrency mining to the worth of $300000. According to the court documents, Michael Williams, the Republican senator had reported false statements about the theft to the police. On December 20th, local daily news outlet Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Williams had claimed that his servers, to the value of $300000, used for unknown cryptocurrencies mining have been stolen from his office.

More about this case

Michael Williams who had previously bribed to become Georgia governor was indicted a few days before, for a case of insurance fraud (regarding cryptocurrency mining). It is said that Williams has stolen about $300000 of mining hardware from his office. Moreover, he has been indicted for the false report. The prosecutors proposed this probability that this robbery has never been occurred. The details of the case are not still clear, and the prosecutors are waiting for his attorney’s evidence.

Currently, the lawyer of this case says that we don’t know whether Mr. Williams has committed this crime or not. Richman, the lawyer of this case, told on December 26th, that we need more evidence. Of course, we will achieve more evidence in the near future; however, we just know what the charges say. Williams had sponsored a cryptocurrency payment method for Georgian Senate in the past. His campaign under the name of “deportation bus,” has been criticized by many because of having anti-immigrant policies against Mexican immigrants.

This is not the first time a hot story about cryptocurrency has been made. A few months before, in summer, Ian Balina claimed that he has become the victim of a fraud which caused losing $2 million from ERC20 tokens. All these stories caused detectives’ suspicion, and finally, it was proved that Baline has lied to evade taxes. All in all, we cannot say whether Senator Williams is culprit or not; although the increase of such cases should not cause surprise in the future.