(AI) Will Move the World

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 11:55:13
(AI) Will Move the World

The Collaboration Between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Move the World

The technologies of Blockchain and artificial intelligence are among the most important technologies that have caught the attention of the public and those in the professional technological world in the past 10 years. It seems that the combination of these two phenomena can have really interesting results. Artificial intelligence is couple of steps ahead of Blockchain with respect to acceptance in the world and the achievements it has had so far, but in any case the combination and collaboration between these two can be very tempting. The current statistics show that most businesses in the world that want to operate on a high level, currently use the artificial intelligence technology in one form or another. The growth process in using Blockchain is very promising given how little it has been since its arrival.

Do Blockchain and AI Have a Connection to One Another?

Currently, not much of a connection between AI and the Blockchain technology has been defined, but it seems that these two technologies have high capacities for being combined with each other. Through AI and the tools it offers, there is the possibility of gathering huge amount of data and with the help of Blockchain these huge amounts of data can be stored and some ways can be defined with respect to making connections between the data. Data and information, which are considered to be the most important players in today’s world of technology, will enter their evolutionary stages very well with the help of these two technologies and can yield extremely amazing results.

What Problems Do Blockchain and AI Solve?

The agreement and collaboration between the Blockchain and AI can lead to growth in many fields such as economics, agriculture, education, health care, and many other fields in which the data and communications play an important role. The analysis of huge amounts of data that is made possible with the help of these two technologies and the possibility of growth in the world of communication cannot be ignored. For example, the combination of the Blockchain network with the Internet of things (IoT), that has been created with the help of AI, makes possible the analysis of products in the supply chain. This technological combination can be used in ranching, farming, and thousands of other cases.

Different countries like U.S., UAE, and Malta have some plans for combining these two technologies and we will probably hear much more about the collaborations that will take place between AI and the Blockchain technology in the near future.

What Is the Outlook of Collaboration Between These Two Technologies?

Machine learning and working with data in today’s world are considerably important and beneficial, and the field of statistics is the main tool used in the data analysis processes. Therefore, there will always be a percentage of approximation in such processes. But with the possibility of using a precise and deep infrastructure like the Blockchain, there will be more certainty in the analysis and processing of data. Among the advantages of Blockchain, its ability in recording and storing a wide range of data can be pointed out, all of which are available in the network in an immutable and transparent way. The two technologies of AI and Blockchain are surely among the most important and interesting fields of technology.