The first winner of Counos Platform’s $10,000 lottery!

Last Modified:7 Feb 2021 18:22:23
The first winner of Counos Platform’s $10,000 lottery!

The first six-month 10,000 dollar lottery of Counos Platform was announced on March 20, 2020, after an automated process of selection took place.

On March 20, the website of the Counos Platform the lottery took place automatically with the help of a robot. The automatic system for the first six-month, 10,000 dollar Counos Platform lottery picked a wallet address randomly and the owner of that address was announced as winner:



As the countdown drew to an end, it was time for one lucky winner to win 10,000 dollars. After the automatic system picked the winner, this address was announced as the winner on the website of Counos. Counos Platform will not divulge the personal information of the winner, since the personal information registered in the system of Counos are among the confidential information.

After the winning wallet address was announced, 10,000 dollars in the form of Counos Coins (CCA) were sent for the winner.

More than 30 thousand registrations were in place for the first six-month 10,000 dollar lottery of Counos Platform. But of course only one person could win. And so the lucky winner of 10,000 dollars was selected and announced.

If you are not the winner, then you don’t need to worry, because you can try your luck six months later in another 10,000 dollar lottery of Counos Platform. So don’t miss your chance again, make yourself eligible for Counos lotteries. Those members who have KYC level 1 are eligible for the six-month, 10,000 dollar Counos Platform lottery. When people get their KYC level 1 verification, a free bonus will be sent to their wallet and this amount of Counos Coin is the minimum amount required for the lottery. If the amount of Counos Coin you have is less than the required amount then you cannot take part in the lottery, so make sure to get your KYC level 1 in order to receive the free bonus. Registering in the promotion website in order to register your wallet address is also necessary.

Counos Platform gives out 10,000 dollars every six months and 100,000 dollars every three years to lucky users of Counos Platform.