The Monoline Plan: the Single Level Approach Toward Multi-Level Marketing

Last Modified:15 Jun 2023 17:05:10
The Monoline Plan: the Single Level Approach Toward Multi-Level Marketing
The multi-level marketing (MLM) landscape is filled with different models, each offering a unique structure and compensation system. The monoline plan in this series stands out for its unique monoline setup. This article provides an in-depth look at the inner workings, benefits, and legal aspects of this MLM method.


Learn about single line plans
Monoline plans, also known as linear, straight, or single-leg plans, have a unique frame. In this scheme, each distributor has only one share covering all members. Everyone entering the system is placed in this line, one after the other, incorporating the principle "first come, first serve".


The uniqueness of the Monoline program
The inherent simplicity of the monoline plan is what makes it so attractive. This allows all distributors to profit from anyone who signs up after them, regardless of who recruited them. No mandatory levels or hierarchies give the program a simple structure that is easy for beginners to understand and navigate.

Legal aspects of the Monoline program
The legal status of any MLM scheme, including one-line schemes, depends on its focus. If the focus of the model is to sell a real product or service that provides value to customers, the activity can be considered a legitimate MLM strategy. However, illegal pyramid schemes are often disguised as MLM models. The profits of these programs come primarily from recruitment, not from selling legitimate products or services. If Monoline plans to prioritize recruiting over actual sales, it is entering illegal territory.


Global rules and their meaning
MLM rules show diversity around the world. It is important for distributors participating in Monoline or any other MLM strategy to understand and follow these rules. This ensures the legality and ethics of their business. The Monoline plan offers an interesting model in the MLM environment with its monoline design. Its simplicity and growth potential make it attractive to many. However, as with any MLM model, maintaining legitimacy and integrity requires an emphasis on selling genuine products and strict adherence to regional MLM regulations. Ultimately, the cornerstone of any legitimate MLM strategy should be providing value through your product or service and ensuring the well-being of your distributors. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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