The New Version of Counos X

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 12:13:22
The New Version of Counos X

The New Version of Counos X Was Released

The newest version of Counos X has been released. Counos X is a secure, fast, and pioneer cryptocurrency that has been developed according to the new version of Litecoin. With increasing the level of the users’ privacy, this cryptocurrency has created many expectations according to the newest methods of cryptocurrency technologies and also increasing the efficiency and the speed of transactions transfer.

In the new version of Counos X, from Block 73000, just the Valid and Trust miners will be able to mine newer blocks. With these changes, the security level of the Counos X network will raise to higher levels. Valid miners at Counos X will be the miners which will not receive any reward for the mining process; however, they can receive the transaction fee through mining new blocks. On the one hand, Trust miners will receive the block reward as per the blocks, which they have mined 2.5 minutes after the previous block.

Releasing the newer version of Counos X was followed by a 40% increase in Counos Coin price in the last month. Counos platform has recently launched its decentralized exchange for the users’ P2P trades.