The Number of Routers Affected by Crypto-Malwares Has Been Doubled

Last Modified:12 Dec 2018 10:23:02
The Number of Routers Affected by Crypto-Malwares Has Been Doubled

The number of MicrotTIk Routers affected by a cryptocurrency-related Malware has been doubled since August this year and reached 415000 affected devices. These types of malware do Cryptojacking in user’s device and entangles user router in mining via installing affecting programs.

What is CryptoJack?

It is using one’s system unknowingly for extracting cryptocurrencies. When it occurs your device is busy extracting while you are not aware of and it can seriously damage your hardware in the long-run. This event usually occurs through installing skeptical software; however, your system might encounter an extraction without installing any specific software and just through running a Java Script code on the internet browser. These JavaScript codes are activated as one enters an affected website and the User doesn’t have any control on it. 

When has this Malware been activated?

Some researchers have noticed that a new malware is Cryptojacking and has polluted more than 200000 routers all around Brazil. This malware has been spread in most of the countries around the world and has now polluted more than 415000 routers.

Who are behind this malware?

This malware was found by a research team on internet security. They believe that cryptocurrency miners are blameful in this issue, since this malware was first activated in MicroTik routers, and to do this, the routers were reprogrammed to be able to start mining virtual currencies while the user is not aware of it. In a report published by TheNextWeb recently, it has been stated that these malwares can be a serious danger for digital currency market. It seems that Microtik routers have been the first victims of these attacks. Security specialists advise the owners of such routers to use the last Patch published by official website of routers makers. One reason for these routers’ being affected is that they are not updated and most owners don’t know how to update them. Josu Franco, security advisor in Panda Security company, believes that digital currencies are like 21st century gold; so hackers are seeking to have income from it. Today, Cryptojacking ready packages can be purchased easily on Dark Web by about $30 illegally.