The U.S. Presidential Elections and the Role of Cryptocurrencies

Last Modified:6 Apr 2021 19:19:17
The U.S. Presidential Elections and the Role of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have turned into an important issue in the coming U.S. presidential elections.

You surely remember Bitcoin when you hear about cryptocurrencies, but the fact is that the cryptocurrencies have enormously grown and developed and they are again present strongly after experiencing all ebbs and flows in 2018.

Andrew Yang is one of the probable candidates of the next U.S. presidential elections. He will come to the scene from the democrat party and many people’s view; he is against the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Regarding his attributes, it is said that he is an Asian man and likes math.

There are many issues hidden in this description.  In addition to the present political aspects in it, the fact that he likes mathematics can be good news for the fans of the world of cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Yang and Cryptocurrencies

Andrew Yang who is a successful entrepreneur and does many benevolent activities at the international level believes in cryptocurrencies strongly. In his opinion, these new technologies can change into one of the most fundamental communication and payment tools in the everyday life of the people by the government’s support.

If the current demerits are removed with the help of the government’s official support, we will certainly witness a prosperous future for the world of cryptocurrencies.

Yang believes that the accompaniment of cryptocurrencies causes disappearing current problems such as terrorist acts and scams in Blockchain, namely, the infrastructure to do trades and cryptocurrency transactions.

It seems that Andrew Yang has carefully thought about the different management aspects of cryptocurrencies. For example, one of his ideas is that state laws should be different according to different cryptocurrencies.

State Laws and Cryptocurrencies

As it was mentioned, Andrew Yang believes that there should be regulations for different types of cryptocurrencies. For example, the laws of cryptocurrencies which are used as the digital money in transactions should be a little different from those used as the security.

Moreover, the existence and tax regulation enforcement is one of the most important points which should be determined about cryptocurrencies. Anyway, all these views imply that politicians are well known about the high importance of cryptocurrencies.

Elections and Cryptocurrencies

The importance of cryptocurrencies is such that they entered political issues and the U.S. presidential elections and apparently changed into an appropriate tool for the advertisement of some candidates.

Nolens volens, cryptocurrencies are dominating a large part of the world of technology. State and famous political figures’ supports for these cryptocurrencies will make the growth and evolution of cryptocurrencies faster in case it is not just political showing off to win the votes and making the minds of the general public oriented.

We should wait and see what the candidates and other authorities’ reaction will be toward cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. All these events take place when recent months were the arena for suitable and hopeful alterations in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.