Top 3 Stablecoins' Market Cap Close to $140 Billion

Last Modified:1 Aug 2022 13:35:53
Top 3 Stablecoins


  • Good news for ETH fans, as Ethereum breaks the local resistance levels, some believe Ethereum might be faced with positive days ahead. “U Today”


  • Top Ethereum mining company releases Ethereum Classic mining software, leading to ETC 54 percent up weekly. “U Today”


  • The combined market cap of the top three Stablecoins is nearing 140 billion dollars. “U Today”


  • Will we soon be able to see an end to the bear market? Experts believe bull crypto market is not expected until the fall of 2023. “U Today”


  • Only 1.13 billion Shiba burned in the last 7 days, but does it make an impact on its price? “U Today”


  • Veteran Wall Street investor Jim Rogers said, “more bear markets are coming.” “Bitcoin News”


  • Pro-Russian groups raised only 4 percent of crypto donations sent to Ukraine. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Hong Kong university to inaugurate mixed reality classroom in Metaverse. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Dubai permits full operation to FTX subsidiary FZE. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Brazilian soccer club welcomes first Argentinian crypto signing amid economic downturn. “Coin Telegraph”



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