Turkey Hosts Specialized Blockchain Conference in February

Last Modified:12 May 2020 14:52:34
Turkey Hosts Specialized Blockchain Conference in February

According to Cointelegraph on January 9, Turkey is going to hold a conference under the name of “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit” with the possibility of live watching for more than 10000 people around the world and the presence of many cryptocurrency giants and well-known figures including engineers and experts from Turkey, Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia.

Among the figures some names like billionaire Tim Draper, famous analyst Tom Lee, Free Republic of Liberlance president, Vit Jedlicka, etc. catch the eye.

It will occur on February 20th in Istanbul and will be the biggest crypto-event in the region too. With 20 countries and more than 5000 attendees from around the world it can be a beneficial situation for the prospective investors and entrepreneurs seeking for trying new areas of economy. The main discussion lines will be new revolutions in technology and economy regarding cryptocurrency and there is opportunity for the specialists to delve on and evaluate the investment chances through extending their knowledge in this field.

The main outline Turkey summit will focus on are examining the reasons of the banking system failure to apply cryptocurrencies in their payment, discussing about the possibility of reaching a unity among the governments in using cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, concentrating more on the people’s privacy and developing self-managed economic affairs; i.e., individualized economy, encouraging decentralized systems in order to avoid unidimensional authority , the future plans about other cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, offering and emphasizing on Blockchain-based economy to resolve today crises.