Using Blockchain Technology Is a Huge Help to Maintaining Copy Rights

Last Modified:7 Dec 2019 13:51:41
Using Blockchain Technology Is a Huge Help to Maintaining Copy Rights

Maintaining Copy Rights

A literary artist works for years to create his work. A photographer spends thousands of dollars on photography classes and equipment and then finally displays them all in one great shot. A musician sees the result of his 9-5 daily effort with the songs that he makes.

Their work is undoubtedly protected in the real world, but are they protected against copyright infringement on the internet?

Ownership and adaptation laws have been faced with troubles lately on the internet and have led to everyone freely using the works of artists.

“Did you like this song? Download it.” “It seems like a good picture as wallpaper! Then download it.” “Isn’t this exciting story from that writer good for a long flight or land travel? Then download it.” From small jokes to big disputes over content ownership, the internet is getting rid of ownership lines.

A Look on Copy Right Laws Perspective

Copyright law protects all of the above in communities that have freedom on the internet. According to the U.S. copyright office, this law protects both physical and electronic forms of works such as literary, dramatic, music and artistic like poem, novel, movie, song, software and architectural work. Work is a copyright protected from the moment it is created. In the U.S., an artist can and should for security purposes register his work so that it does not fall into the hands of those he does not want. In order to collect legal restitution and attorney costs, an artist’s work must be registered in the U.S. copyright office. However, how can a person prove that he creates a work of art?

Blockchain Technology and Maintaining Copy Right

Entering the 10-year technology of Blockchain in this field can be the solution to this problem. Blockchain technology enables producers to share their music, movie, and webtoons with their audience, while their copyright is protected. In general, Blockchain is used in the financial world, but it has many more applications. For example, by creating an unalterable database the producers’ permit, registration date and contact info can be protected. This will enable legal bodies to find the creator of artworks easier, or find out who has downloaded their work. ContentsDeal says that its aim is to simplify the complex distributing structure that is seen in today’s media world, a structure that often means that talented artists can hardly benefit from their works. This company claims that a wide range of international and Korean artists have so far been connected to this platform and have offered unique and limited content to their fans.

What Is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is referred to a platform in which producers and users can distribute and trade their special and unique content. This platform enables instant access to contents with limited versions. Content distribution simplifies the complex distribution structure and ensures the benefit of copyright owners and distributors that use Blockchain for safe payment, registration and transaction information. The existence of practical documents in the field of Blockchain helps content creators to be able to receive payment for their works.

Some Platforms Lead to the Failure of Content Creators

According to ContentsDeal, the growth of platforms such as YouTube and Spotify has been great news to the public, but on the other hand, has been a disappointment to content creators. The Blockchain project argues that these video sharing websites will ultimately cause serious harm to producers’ works.

Most of these platforms that are responsible for the current income trends include annoying ads that pop up suddenly in the middle of videos, and you cannot get rid of them easily. Some of these platforms even charge their users so that they wouldn’t show ads anymore. ContentsDeal claims that a small amount of this income gets to the hands of content creators.

In fact, Spotify has been troublesome for artists in the long run, and according to CNBC, payments in this platform can be anywhere between $0.006 to $0.0084. This means that if a song gets one million plays, it will only make $8400 at most. However, all of this amount does not get to the hands of the singer, because musicians, producers, and record labels are also a part of the trade and have a share.

What Is the Solution?

ContentsDeal says that it intends to solve this problem via protocols known as copyright document. This aim was created after collaborating with the Korean management foundation, which works on behalf of artists such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. This collaboration with K-pop has occurred so that top talents in this platform can encourage others to join it.

The medium website has said in a post that those who are involved in ContentsDeal, have experienced higher transparency in their trades and have received top-level music.

This startup intends to help the webtoon industry and claims that platforms did not develop as much as has been added to the number of producers. It is further stated in the blog post of this website that the instability of webtoon industry in the field of growth and new content creation is not asked for, and in order to continue working, this industry needs to adopt more fair copyright policies.

ContentsDeal was officially launched on January 29, and a series of events is in motion to help the development of this platform. Users are invited into trial trades to help the company be sure of the practicality of their purchases and sales. Also, this platform invites members to share their experience with the platform, especially their ideas to improve platform bugs. ContentsDeal is hoping to be able to improve the range of musics, webtoons, and videos on its platform with new collaborations.