What Does Donald Trump Think of Cryptocurrencies?

Last Modified:12 May 2020 17:22:46
What Does Donald Trump Think of Cryptocurrencies?

Donald Trump publishes posts tweets about almost everything, but it is strange that he hasn’t told anything about cryptocurrencies and the new world of Blockchain, isn’t it? The world of policy is a fully sophisticated world. Trump’s silence about it cannot be exactly analyzed. He hasn’t had a clear remark about cryptocurrency, but even if he doesn’t know anything about the world of cryptocurrencies, his advisors and close friends follow this new market and inform him about its news. What do you think? What is the U.S. president’s idea about Blockchain, Bitcoin and the like?

Trump’s Policy about Cryptocurrencies

Donald Trump has never announced his views clearly and directly about cryptocurrencies; however, in 2018, he issued an executive order to control various types of transactions and financial affairs one of the options whereof was investigating digital crimes, cyber-crimes, and cryptocurrencies. The U.S government ceremonially speaks about the possibility of the present scam and fraud in new technology platforms, but it is not all the story. Some say about the intimacy of senior managers of Ripple with Donald Trump. Apparently, the U.S.’s opportunism avoids giving decisive and clear pronouncement about cryptocurrencies and having a specific standpoint about it.

Not being clear Trump’s standpoint is a little strange. Many of the countries which are under the U.S sanctions will find the opportunity of activity in economic and commercial arenas through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the U.S president’s assistant and friends like Steve Bannon, former white house strategist, and even Trump’s spiritual father have admired both cryptocurrencies and its being decentralized. Anyway, will the U.S. government have a positive approach toward cryptocurrencies?

Predicting the U.S. Measures in the Field of Cryptocurrencies

As it was told before, the U.S. doesn’t give clear and exact remarks about cryptocurrencies yet. The advocacy of Donald Trump’s friends of the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies is another reason which shows that the U.S. pays limited attention to the cryptocurrencies and the world of new technologies related to it. However, the experts predict that the behavior of the U.S. and its present government about cryptocurrencies will probably be a controlling approach; that is, this country will establish some rules and regulations to control the activities done in this new platform and will attempts to monitor its performance.

It was stated before that the world of policy is a greatly strange world. Many of the viewpoints and beliefs proposed by the authorities and grandees are the result of full-scale analysis of different conditions and situations. Therefore, it cannot simply be said that a person like Trump is the supporter and protector of cryptocurrencies or its antagonist and opponent; in other words, the politician’s look at each issue is a totally strategic one and through assessing threats, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths existing in the potential of a subject, starts decision making and specifying standpoint.


Trump’s cooperation with Ripple and his familiarity with its senior authorities will surely influence his standpoint toward cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies’ proponents are numerous. The fact that whether a piece of news can be observed in Trump’s remarks about cryptocurrencies in his various tweets or not is something which will be clarified in the future.