What Is Counos DEX?

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 12:19:54
What Is Counos DEX?

What Is DEX and Why You Should Choose Counos DEX?

Decentralized exchange is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that works in a decentralized manner, which means that there is no central authority involved in it. In a decentralized exchange, users will be able to trade cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer way. What is special about a decentralized exchange, or a DEX, is that users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange platform, and thus their assets are much less vulnerable against theft from the hacking of the exchange platform. Decentralized exchanges also prevent faking or manipulation of prices.

Recently, the crypto community has leaned toward decentralized exchanges, and hence, there are many cryptocurrency decentralized exchanges available in the crypto market.

But what makes a decentralized exchange stand out?

Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX), allows you to experience a different decentralized exchange in a peer-to-peer and completely safe manner. Counos DEX utilizes Multisig wallet technology to provide maximum security in the process of exchanging crypto assets.

But what makes Counos DEX truly stand out from other decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges is this unique feature of Counos DEX in which all exchanges take place on the infrastructure of Counos Escrow. When it comes to innovation, technology, and security, Counos Escrow is one of the best online escrow services in the world.

Another unique feature of Counos DEX that guarantees the safety of online exchanges is the use of SSO (Single Sign On) technology, i.e. Counos SSO.

With all these absolutely unique and incredible features, it can be easily surmised that Counos DEX provides fast and trustworthy decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges that stand out in the crypto market.