What Is the Approach of Generation Z Toward Crypto?

Last Modified:14 Feb 2021 16:34:31
What Is the Approach of Generation Z Toward Crypto?

Generation Z

Generation Z refers to those who were born in the nineties and two thousands who are recognized by different names such as the “internet generation” too. What is the approach of this generation who will be included in the working market and more serious economic and commercial activities in the world in the coming years toward cryptocurrencies? Of course it is clear that some of them don’t have an appropriate understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies now due to their age, but it is possible to collect some information about their feelings and hidden approach and see how will generation z encounter cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in the future. Recognizing and becoming aware of the behavior of different generations are very effective in predicting the process of cryptocurrencies’ activity in the market.

How Is the Relationship between Generation Z and Cryptocurrencies?

According to a survey on generation z regarding its approach toward cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin which was conducted by credible website Business Insider, this generation is not very much willing to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. This survey was conducted on July 5th, 2019 and finished with interesting and thought-provoking results. 13-21-year-old people were asked about the degree of their tendency and interest in buying cryptocurrencies in this survey and one of the questions was about whether they would have any relationship with the world of cryptocurrencies in the next 6 months. The common answer was “no”.

Which Kind of Information Was Taken from Generation z?

The results of z generation survey were as follows: 52 percent believed that in the new few months they will never use cryptocurrencies. Few percentages of them considered a weak probability of participating in the world of cryptocurrencies and generally the statistics imply that the cryptocurrencies are not so attractive among the youth and adolescents or at least there is no sufficient awareness and information among them about this new phenomenon. Also their age is a factor which prevents correct decision making and exact knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies. It is probable for the new generation to increase the interest in participating in these markets in the coming years with growing movement of cryptocurrencies in the world, the public’s more familiarity with them and positive advertisements of the investors and credible companies in this regard.

How is the outlook of Generation Z and Cryptocurrencies?

Z generation is currently future potential addressees and customers of cryptocurrencies. The idea and the concept which will be formed about cryptocurrencies influence their reactions in the adulthood toward the world of cryptocurrencies. What seems clear now is the unawareness of a large part of societies about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are somehow ambiguous and undefined and generation z’s unwillingness toward them is not very much unbelievable and strange. With the development of Bitcoin and its peers in the coming months and reaching a point of stability and desirability, the new generation might find a more optimistic and positive viewpoint.