What Is the Stairstep Breakaway Marketing Plan?

Last Modified:12 Jun 2023 12:48:32
What Is the Stairstep Breakaway Marketing Plan?
The multi-level marketing (MLM) ecosystem offers a variety of business models, each with unique features and strategies. Among other things, the Stairstep Breakaway Plan offers a unique approach to promoting distributor growth and independence. This article will explain how the scheme works, its legal status and application in the context of MLM.

Learn about the STEP BREAKOUT program
The Stairstep Breakaway Plan uses a strategy unlike any other MLM model. This is a program where distributors can break away from their upline after reaching a certain level of sales. After the separation, these distributors operate independently and no longer generate commission income from their uplines.


This process can be thought of as climbing a ladder, where each rung represents a sales goal or level. Once the highest point – the “separation” point – is reached, the distributor is free to operate as an independent entity.


Unique features of Stairstep Breakaway
The essence of Stairstep Breakaway is its ability to motivate traders. The ability to break out and operate independently can serve as a powerful incentive for retailers to achieve their sales goals. When they separate, they are free to build their own downline without sharing profits with the original upline.

Legality in relation to a phased separation plan
As with all MLM models, the legal status of a stairwell plan depends on how it is designed. If the main source of income is the sale of legal products or services, the scheme is operating legally.

However, illegal pyramid schemes can mimic MLM structures such as laddering schemes, while profiting primarily from recruiting new members with little or no emphasis on actually selling products or services. Such schemes are generally illegal in most jurisdictions. When the ladder breakout plan is executed correctly, the model represents a legitimate MLM strategy where the focus is on actual sales rather than recruiting.


Global Rules and MLM
Different countries have different rules for MLM business. Therefore, distributors participating in or considering Stairstep Breakaway must be aware of the specific MLM regulations in their respective geographic environments. The Stairstep Breakaway Plan is a compelling MLM model primarily because of its unique breakaway features. It offers great potential for motivated distributors to achieve sales targets and operate independently.


However, in order to maintain its legitimacy, it is important to ensure that the plan is focused on actually selling products or services. Remember that a legitimate MLM model will always prioritize the value of their product and the well-being of their distributor network. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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