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Iranian Government Considers Policymaking for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have spread to every corner of the world and has made a lot of noise in almost any country. Asian and Middle Eastern markets have not been an exception, too. Iran has one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the Middle East, and it seems that the development of this market had an increasing trend in 2018.


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Google Has Blocked Ads Containing the Word “Ethereum”

Recently, a Serbian startup in the field of cryptocurrency has announced that since the beginning of this week, many of its ads have not been shown by Google AdWords. This startup claims that it has frequently attempted to make contact with middle management at Google in the past couple of days; however, it has not yet received any response.


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Over $1.5 Million Stolen after Ethereum Classic Came under Attack

Ethereum Classic Blockchain network is considered the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world and has come under a serious attack. Anonymous hackers conducted an attack named “51 percent attack” against the infrastructure of Ethereum Classic and succeeded in stealing more than $1.5 million (equal to €1.2 million). A couple of hours after the attack, the value of Ethereum had a falling trend.


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