Blockchain News: Illinois Embraces Blockchain & ...

Last Modified:30 Jan 2020 13:21:45
Blockchain News: Illinois Embraces Blockchain & ...

Illinois Embraces Blockchain

Another US state has now recognized Blockchain Technology and passed the Blockchain Bill Act. 2020 has seen a great start for the Blockchain industry and it is becoming legal rapidly in different parts of the world. Blockchain-based contracts and transaction records will be admissible in Legal Courts from now on. The governments are now adapting to Blockchain Technology and it is a really great sign of progress.



Possibility of Blockchain Backed Elections in Virginia

The new chair of Virginia House of Delegates, Hala Ayala, is making a case for the use of Blockchain Technology for the upcoming local elections. She has also requested the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to evaluate the role of Blockchain in the future of State Economy. 

Things are seeming to move in the right direction with the start of 2020. Blockchain and Crypto markets are on the boom and Counos is also trying to ensure that they are able to meet the increased demands of Counos Currencies. Counos, a credible platform powered by Blockchain technology is striving to increase Blockchain awareness among the institutions and peers. Lawmakers and policy regulators across the world are exploring their options with Blockchain Platforms and we are going to be leading the cryptomarkets in the coming times. 


Shopify Plugin developed by Blockchain Technology

To match the authenticity of Ecommerce products offered in the Shopify, a new plugin is being developed. “Real Items Foundation” a San Francisco Startup company is working on the development of this Blockchain-based Shopify plugin. Non-Fungible Tokens will be generated and assigned to physical products. The products with these assigned tokens would be easily authenticated through the use of this plugin.


Blockchain Center of Excellence Inaugurated in Bengaluru, India

India is focusing its technological shift towards blockchain technology and efforts are being made at the Governmental Level. Indian Union Minister Ravi Prasad was presented during the inauguration of a Centre of Excellence in Blockchain and he was very much keen to promote the deployment of Blockchain Applications

Blockchain Applications will now be making a direct impact on the lives of masses. This was bound to happen and the evolution process will continue to happen where technology is involved. The Counos Platform is already been backed by Blockchain Technology and the team is always looking to make positive technical changes. The integrity and performance reliability is never compromised like other Blockchain Applications. Digital Economy can only achieve its new heights when Blockchain will be implemented in its true essence.


Blockchain is going to hit Banking Sector Soon

While blockchain has already disrupted the traditional ways to operate in Digital Economy, now it is being considered as a viable technological solution to the Banking Sector. Its feature of Unchangeable logbook of all the transactions that have occurred on an independent network is appealing to the governments and corporations. Banking will become decentralized, more powerful and secure once they will make a shift towards Blockchain Technology. 


Gambling takes a new form with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Online Casinos are making a shift towards the Blockchain technology and we can already see famous ones operating through Cryptocurrencies. This has revolutionized the Gambling industry and more users are getting involved in this as they can be involved while being anonymous. Along with anonymity features, the blockchain gambling platform is decentralized and removes intermediaries. It establishes a sense of Security in the minds of users and they gamble along with complete freedom. A Fair chance to play and win is available for all of the players in a Blockchain-based Online Casino



All the major sectors and industries are now looking to invest in Blockchain Technologies. The success of the Counos Platform also exists due to Blockchain Technology. Counos Escrow Services and Online Payment Gateways give crypto assets holders complete freedom to engage themselves in Digital Economy. The Counos Wallets and currencies are also valuable assets and the team is working hard to ensure that Counos Currencies remain the most reliable in the market.

714 Blockchain Startups Register in China in January 2020

Blockchain technology has become the favorite recipe of success for tech startups. 714 firms registered in China this month as a Blockchain startup taking this number to more than 26000 Blockchain companies. Blockchain startups are able to raise funds for themselves with quite an ease and promise a great future for all tech entrepreneurs, institutions and the community.

Blockchain startup raised $1.3 million for combating Climate Change

Nori, a Seattle based Blockchain startup has been able to raise $1.3 million in its initiative to fight the adversaries of climate change. This has been done to promote the Carbon Removal Program. Financial rewards will be provided to the companies with the help of a Blockchain backed platform who will be making an effort to eliminate carbon emissions in the atmosphere.