Buying and Selling cryptocurrencies in dex | Part 2 – Selling

Last Modified:16 Mar 2020 23:21:14
Buying and Selling cryptocurrencies in dex | Part 2 – Selling

Buying and selling Counos from the reputable exchange Counos DEX

In the previous article, Buying and selling Counos – part 1 – Buying, we found about buying Counos Coin from the decentralized exchange of Counos (DEX). This method is one of the best and safest ways to buy and sell Counos Platform’s coins, from CCA to CCXX to Counos Stablecoins like CCE, CCU, etc. and exchanging them with different currencies and cryptocurrencies like U.S. dollar, Dirham, and 52 other fiat money and also major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

You can easily and only by clicking a few times accept the selling offers of others and start a contract with that seller and finish your purchase with ease of mind. In order to sell Counos cryptocurrencies, you can also register a sell offer at the decentralized exchange of Counos Platform (DEX), and wait for someone to accept your exciting offer, so that you can start a safe and guaranteed contract with them.

Some people think that the safe Escrow Service of Counos is only made for the decentralized exchange of Counos Platform, however it needs to be mentioned that in addition to providing safe contracts for DEX, Counos Escrow can provide you with a smart contract in any field that you can think of, you can find out more about Counos Escrow in this article Counos Escrow Service on Blockchain.

In this article, with the help of pictures, we will show you how you can sell Counos Coin (CCA) and in exchange receive U.S. dollar.


Selling at Counos DEX

  1. Entering Counos SSO Account

As you know in order to make financial transactions you need to have a verified account, so that you would also be able to use all the services of Counos Platform. So in this step and in order to sell your currency and cryptocurrency you need to have a verified account in Counos SSO to be able to register your offer. You can find out about the registration steps at Counos here. Assuming that you have a verified account you can enter your account at decentralized exchange of Counos Platform (DEX) from Sign In.



  1. Registering the sell offer of Counos Coin to U.S. dollar

In this step you need to enter the information for selling Counos Coin and register your offer carefully. In the picture that you can see, each step is explained, so by filling each part especially the parts about desired currencies and cryptocurrencies you can register your offer.

Keep in mind that before anyone can accept your offer and get into a contract with you, you can edit the entered information from My Offers sections.



In order to enter your bank information, you can create a bank account for yourself as shown below so that the buyer can send the money to that account.



After you filled all the parts about registering the sell offer of Counos Coin to U.S. dollar, you can finalize your offer so that others can see it in the MARKET section and if they like it they can enter into a contract with you. Now you need to keep in mind that the offer that you are registering needs to be fair so that the buyer is happy with their purchase and the money that they give to you. Of course you need to profit from your sale, so pay attention to all the numbers you put in each part.


  1. Waiting for your offer to be accepted by a buyer

After final registration, you need to wait for a buyer to realize your exciting offer and accept it, after which you will be entered into a smart contract in the safe Escrow Service of Counos Platform.

You can enter your account at Counos Platform and follow up on your sell offer.

If somebody accepts your offer, an email will be sent to you to notify you of this, you can also follow up on all your offers in the section shown below.



  1. Depositing the required amount by buyer to the safe Escrow account

After the buyer accepts your offer, it is your turn to deposit the required amount to the safe escrow account. In this step you can use Counos Mobile Wallet to transfer the required amount to the safe escrow account so that the contract can go to the next step.

Download Counos Mobile Wallet



  1. Fees

  • Service fee: this is the amount of fee set for the smart contract
  • Agent fee: this fee is paid in two cases:
    • If you have entered the contract with fiat money
    • Or if the agent is called upon by either party
  • Network fee: Blockchain network fee

After you deposit the contract amount from Counos Mobil Wallet to the safe escrow account, you need to wait for deposit confirmation (this may take some time, so be patient!).


  1. Confirming payment and releasing the contract amount

After you deposited the amount requested by the buyer to the safe escrow account, the buyer needs to transfer the money to the bank account specified for them.



The buyer will send you an image of the deposit receipt to prove the payment. After the payment has been proved to you, you can release the contract by clicking on the button shown below. This means that after releasing the contract, the buyer can withdraw the contract amount from the safe escrow account.

** please make sure that the buyer has made the payment. If the buyer claimed that the payment has been made, but you received no money, after a certain amount of time you need to notify the contract agent **


Important point: if the agent of the contract is alerted by any of the parties to the contract, then the contract cannot be cancelled or completed, but in fact the agent receives proofs and documents from each party and will complete this contract based on the terms specified.



Last Remarks

In the two articles, with the help of pictures, we showed you how you can buy Counos Coin with U.S. dollar and how to sell Counos Coin and receive U.S. dollar. We are hoping that these two articles can help you buy and sell any currency and cryptocurrency that you want.




In future articles we will show you how you can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies with fiat money and also how to exchange cryptocurrencies.


!!!!NEW UPDATE!!!!

After the Counos Platform team implemented the newest update on the DEX service, it has put the escrow system in the template of DEX, which we will elaborate on as follows:

The security of the escrow trading system is insured by the Counos decentralized exchange (DEX) in various steps of any buying and selling contract. Therefore, after your request is registered in the DEX system, your contract is created in the escrow system.

After the new update of DEX, this process will take place in the DEX system and it will no longer enter the escrow service, but it will follow the same security system. All the previous security processes at Counos escrow have been transferred to DEX. From the time a buy or sell request is registered, until the end of the contract and receiving the amount, all of these will take place in the DEX system.

The images in this article are from before the new update of Counos. The images and necessary tutorials after the update will soon be released.