Counos X Roadmap To Be Updated

Last Modified:28 Feb 2021 16:57:50
Counos X Roadmap To Be Updated

CCXX Roadmap

Counos X is a cryptocurrency offered by the Counos Platform and it is the first coin that is bankable and has a fixed bid and ask price. Counos X (CCXX) already has many amazing features. However, Counos Platform intends to update the roadmap of Counos X in the next six months and add many other useful features to this cryptocurrency.

In this article we will introduce these changes one by one. So, without further ado let us discuss the features that Counos Platform will add to Counos X within six months.

Omni Layer

One of the features that will be added to Counos X is the Omni Layer protocol. Omni Layer will be added to the Blockchain of the CCXX and it will allow the creation of crypto assets such as tokens and other custom digital assets. Omni Layer is a software layer that can be built on top of the Blockchain network of cryptocurrencies.

 Omni Layer protocol

One of the most prominent examples of this protocol is the stablecoin Tether. Omni Layer was built on top of the Blockchain of Bitcoin and allowed for the creation of Tether, which is perhaps the most prominent stablecoin in the crypto market.

Now, with the addition of Omni Layer to the Blockchain of Counos X, digital assets such as tokens can be built based on the network of CCXX.

Certification System

Another feature that will be added to the Blockchain network of Counos X is the certification system. With the help of this certificate issuance system, CCXX Blockchain can be used to issue all kinds of certificates such as university degrees, customs documents, transportation documents, identification documents, etc.

Certification System of Blockchain

The Blockchain network of Counos X will provide a decentralized database or a distributed public ledger that helps store all types of certificates in a safe, independent, and private network, which is completely tamper-proof. Every time a certificate is issued, it becomes digitized and stored in the Blockchain of Counos X to be kept in a safe, secure, and fully transparent platform.



So, when the certification system is added to the Blockchain of Counos X, any type of document can be issued and stored in a platform that is 100 percent transparent and tamper proof. There can be no duplicate or fake documents, since the Blockchain network of CCXX  is completely decentralized, independent, and transparent.

Election System

This feature will allow for elections and voting mechanisms to be based on the Blockchain Counos X. Using the CCXX Blockchain network will enable elections to take place in the most reliable and transparent way possible.

The way it works is by matching a Counos X transaction with each vote cast by the voters. Therefore, equal to the number of the people eligible for voting, Counos X coins will be generated. Then, each voter can send his or her coin to the wallet of his desired candidate. All the transactions are fully recorded in the block explorer. Therefore, nothing can be added and nothing can be removed from the records. At the end of the election, the candidate with the most number of Counos X coins in his or her wallet can be announced as the winner.

Counos Platform will provide all the necessary CCXX coins and other required infrastructures for any voting process no matter how large. Voting with the help of the CCXX Blockchain will take place with a very nominal fee, and it will give full assurance to all the voters and candidates about the reliability and dependability of the election results.

Copyright System

Another feature that will be added to Counos X within six months is the copyright system. With the help of this system, the Blockchain network of Counos X will be used to register all types of copy rights and patents. This feature can be used to register and store all types of patents, invention patents, intellectual property rights, music rights, and any other type of copyrights.

 copyright system based blockchain

Since the Blockchain of CCXX is fully decentralized, transparent, and tamper-proof, it can be used as a source to register all kinds of copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Therefore, this source can also be used in courts or other cases to prove you are the rightful owner of a copyrighted material, such as music, or the rightful beneficiary of an intellectual property.



This copyright system will be added to the Blockchain network of Counos X within six months and will increase the safety and security of copyrighted material more than ever.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

When the update rolls out, the DeFi feature of Counos X will be in full effect. Based on this decentralized finance system, assets can be gathered in a crypto pool. As such a very reliable system is created in which assets can be stored and more importantly loans can be given out. This loaning process is based on the reliability and dependability of the CCXX DeFi system

Decentralized finance or DeFi is considered to be the hottest topic in the crypto and Blockchain world at the moment. The amount of money and assets locked up in DeFi have skyrocketed to a great extent in a very short amount of time. So much so in fact that some tokens have yielded a profit of 200 times their original value. So, very soon you’ll also be able to jump on the bandwagon with Counos X DeFi.

Final Remarks

The roadmap of Counos X will be updated within six months. When this update takes place, the Counos Platform will add many practical and useful features to Counos X. When such features are added to the CCXX Blockchain, many applications will be added to this coin, making it even more valuable than before.

Keep in mind, that the CCXX coins that can be generated in one day are only 25 coins. Additionally, the volume of transactions and the demand for Counos X will rise heavily. As such, it is possible that up to ten thousand coins a day would be the transaction fees, which will turn back to the Blockchain of CCXX. Therefore, the number of coins in circulation will actually decrease, making it even more rare. As a result, the fixed bid and ask price aspect could be removed, which would increase the value of CCXX exponentially. So, when all these features are added to Counos X, it will become even more valuable and rare. So it is highly advised that users acquire CCXX coins as soon as possible.

Counos Platform intends to update the roadmap of the Counos X in six months. This update will include many new features and additions to the Blockchain network of the CCXX.