5 Best Decentralized Exchanges

Last Modified:4 Apr 2021 08:51:20
5 Best Decentralized Exchanges

The crypto economy was at a standstill point when there existed only Centralized Exchanges. This was mainly because of the fact that prestige cryptocurrency holders couldn’t manage a thing. It was up to the Centralized Exchange to carry out actions on behalf of everyone.

There has been a boost in people moving towards cryptocurrency since the concept of Decentralized Exchanges. Investors love to be in control of their affairs and that’s what decentralized exchange had to offer. Users are completely managing their buying and selling of crypto assets.

Traders at decentralized exchanges make decisions on their own and carry out trading at their preferred rates. Obviously, the rates offered in the marketplace will affect your decision-making process but this is the beauty of the trading and investing process.

We have listed below 5 Best Decentralized Exchanges for our audience and outlined their Features and where these seem to lack still. So, let’s get going.

Counos Decentralized Exchange

Counos Decentralized Exchange

Counos Decentralized Exchange has become the first choice of many involved in the Crypto Economy. It is a community-based exchange where traders communicate through a peer-peer network. It is a really nice user-friendly decentralized exchange allowing community members to exchange their cryptocurrencies with great ease.

Members can also trade cryptocurrencies through their Fiat money with the support of Counos Escrow. The great thing that can be utilized through this decentralized exchange is the diversity and versatility of markets available. A vast number of Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies are supported at the Counos Platform. This shows us the power of the Counos Platform and it’s emerging Global Presence.

Counos SSO makes sure that an authorized individual is carrying out trade from any account. Users also have the feature of Two-Factor Authentication to maintain the security of the Dex account. Assets that are present in Counos Dex are secure due to the Multi-Sig Wallet Technology kept in operation by Counos.

The registration and trading process is quite simple and safe. Only authenticated users are able to create an account at Counos so we know that currencies exchange are always reliable and secure.

It is not just a platform but a community of crypto asset holders. They regularly engage with each other in cryptocurrency trading activities. No spam profiles are tolerated in this Decentralized Exchange so everyone loves using the Counos Platform.

It is backed by Counos Escrow so payments are held in the platform until both parties are satisfied with the transaction completion. So, if you want to trade with real people, then surely give a try to the Counos Decentralized Exchange. you can learn more...

Buying and Selling Counos | Part 1 – Buying

Buying and Selling Counos | Part 2 – Selling


desktop-based Decentralized Software

It is a desktop-based Decentralized Software that allows users to engage in peer-peer trading of cryptocurrencies. Since this is open-source so it can be downloaded and accessed by anyone without any incursion of cost. There is no system in place to verify the accounts created through this open-sourced Decentralized Exchange.

The trading can be done through Bisq only when it is installed and running on the user machines. All the personal details are stored locally so the data leakage threats are reduced at a great deal. Users are solely responsible to make their data secure at their own local servers.

Bisq does not come in possession of funds at any stage of the trading. So, the authority and decision power completely lie with the members of how they want to sell or buy. This is a great user-focused platform and trades can be completed within 5-10 minutes.


Switcheo real-time crypto trading

Switcheo is another wonderful real-time cryptocurrency trading platform focusing on the token exchanges for a variety of markets. Users can connect instantly and carry out their trading operations without much hassle. Users can see all the live rates of cryptocurrencies and decide upon when to trade their tokens.

Graphs shown in Switcheo are really helpful and powerful to determine what has been the trend of pricing and trade over the past 24 hours and weeks. Also, trading can be done in real quick time so users always look out Switcheo when they want some quick token money. These types of platforms have given a great boost to the Token Economy.


Bit2me decentralized exchange

Bit2me decentralized exchange comes with no trading fees performed through its platform. It mainly supports the exchange of Etherum and ERC20 Tokens. Multiple cryptocurrencies can be used for trading at this decentralized exchange and have been instrumental in performance reliability.

It does not require any signup or deposits and members can directly complete exchange transactions through their wallets. Basically, it is a wallet to wallet exchange without the involvement of any intermediaries so, liquidity is quite high for the token exchange carried out through Bit2me.


ChangeHero decentralized crypto exchange

ChangeHero is a compact solution for quick decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. You can either use their fixed-rate or best rate available at the time of exchange. This platform doesn’t hold back any funds and cryptocurrency is instantly transferred to the wallets.

It takes almost 40 minutes to complete the exchange transaction so this one can be called a reliable decentralized exchange. This platform has a user-friendly registration process and no intense security checkups for the authorization of an account.