Posts From January, 2020

Buying and Selling Counos | Part 2 – Selling

This method is one of the best and safest ways to buy and sell Counos Platform’s coins, from CCA to CCXX to Counos Stablecoins like CCE, CCU, etc. and exchanging them with different currencies and cryptocurrencies like U.S. dollar, Dirham, and 52 other fiat money 

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Buying and Selling Counos | Part 1 – Buying

Buying and selling Counos coins from the decentralized exchange of Counos platform (DEX) is the best and safest way to buy and sell Counos coins and different cryptocurrencies

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Introduction to the Counos Platform

Blockchain Technology disrupted the traditional Financial Instruments and Services. Counos Platform is now moving ahead in 2020 with an ambition to disrupt the Blockchain Industry

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