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Counos Escrow Service on Blockchain

The buyer always needs a guarantee that he will get the purchased goods or services. And the seller wants to be sure that the payment will be received on time and in full. So the special type of a secure financial arrangement was created, in which an independent third party acts as a guarantor between two parties from the deal. 

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Tokens and Value Transfer

VTS (Value Transfer System) refers to a network and a mechanism that provides the possibility of exchanging money, cheque, or any other trading tool. The payment is made to the amount equal to the received money to the third party in a different geographical location in VTS. Such systems play a significant role in the financial network of the world.

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Application of Technology Framework

With the advent of Bitcoin in the last decade and the development of the Blockchain technology, many studies have been done in applying this technology in order to solve different challenges. As a result of these studies, a number of frameworks have been developed for different purposes.

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